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This morning, I tell everybody that Marshall is now allowed on the land of ooo and everybody cheers, apparently. Marshall appears right next to me and grabs my waist. Kissing me. " and where getting married guys," Marshall shouts out as the crowd cheers .louder and louder for our as they heard that.

What do you think your doing bubblegum marrying this guy he broke up with! What am I gonna do!? I still stand there listening to there conversation. I'm still invisible. "Let's get married tomorrow bubblegum, I can't let you change your mind on this one I can't," Finn smirks. Bubblegum smiles too and gets up to go somewhere.when she gets up Finn grabs her wrist not letting her go anywhere. I take a step back.


Finn spins bubblegum around to face him. " bubblegum, whenever you called me before I'd always hang up...I'm sorry about," Finn whispers. Bubblegum smiles and continues walking towards her door." You can leave now Finn," bubblegum said.


Finn gets up walking towards me. He grabs my chin, clashing our lips together. But there's no spark. No sign of love in this kiss. I wonder why. He closes the door with his free hand, biting my bottom lip causing me yelp opening my mouth, letting his tongue in. I whimper in pain as he continues to kiss me. I don't like this feeling. I try to push him away as possible but he has a strong grip on me. He continues to kiss me.

I return the kiss, as he loosens his grip on me. I then put my hand on his chest and push him away from me. " w-what?  Why did you do that," Finn ask. I gasp for air. " i...i-i don't know! About this anymore! ....the wedding it's...its-its just too much...," i cry.

" I hear a sigh from somewhere and know it's not Finn. Marshall pops up in my head. Why am I doing this . This isn't right. Finn stays quiet. " I know I'm the one who called you but that was for something else... I was trying to make some one jealous...but-but then...I still couldn't talk to you..I couldn't look at you with out freaking out and I thought maybe I still love you...but I was wrong I love someone else," I cry.

"Well this is just great isn't it! I hate you and will always hate you! And...and when you...are getting married I'm not coming to your wedding no! I'm not coming!" Finn shouts. Finn shouts that then runs out of the room slam it the door behind him. I turn around and feel a warm feeling on my lips. I keep staring into the air trying to see him. Finally Marshall turns back visible and I can see his eyes closed as he kisses me passionately. I love him. A lot. I close my eyes just as well as he opens them, separating our lips from each other.

I float in front of them,so I can get a better view of them. " why did know call me over?," Finn asks. What? She called him over! What is this! I'm staying here with her and she knows no one can be allowed to see me! So why did she call him over!? " Finn I wanted to talk about our breakup....last week...," bubblegum smiles. Finn sighs, looking down at his hands, he looks back up at bubblegum. What the hell is going on here.

Finn puts his hand on Bubblegums knee. " I know how I broke up with you right after know asked me to marry ...y-you... But I..ever since then when I speak to you I can't think straight," bubblegum blushes. What why!? I thought she liked me. I mean she always blushes and stutters and we have had moments together. SPECIAL MOMENTS.


I had a crush on Marshall and still what I'm saying to Finn is true, I was just doing this to make Marshall jealous but now I don't know what I want, all I have on my mind right now is Finn. I think I'm still in love with Finn. " finn...I'm still in love with you...can we be together again..," I tear up. Finn smiles at me. I force a smile back. I sit there in silence, before Finn speaks I hear someone whispering my ear, Marshall. " it's gonna end badly anyways leave him and come to me i wouldn't treat you like a princess I'll treat you like my heart," Marshall whispers.

I doubt that, Marshall doesn't have a heart, anyways he wrote a song about how he's a bad boy and how he ain't afraid of dieting cause his already dead! Blahs blaha blah I'm marrying Finn! " of course bubblegum....ever since I broke up with flame princess I started to think how you and I first will you do me the honours of being my bride..princess bubblegum," Finn smiles. I smile and break up into tears yelling yes!

We continue to Walk through the shops and enjoy the day out. Girls and guys keep on taking him away from me it's just so annoying. Why should I be the one to be feeling this way why. Why can't he be the one . I whine in silence once another yet again young lady and man start taking him and showing him there new clothes and there shops and there house and stuff like that. It's just so annoying. Ever since Marshall has came I felt a little mean, jealous, bad side of me. It's horrible. Honestly horrid.

I scrunch up my face, when I come up with the amazing plan. I'll make him jealous.
Marshall comes back and we leave the town going back to my castle. He hops into my bathroom, once I call a man to come over. Since Marshall has changed back into his true normal form( a guy it got undressed from his costume) he has to just turn invisible once I chit chat with another man! Finn! I'll call Finn over.


As I finish I hear noise from the main bedroom. I wonder who's in there, I turn invisible and open the door slowly walking into the bedroom, there I can see Finn and bubblegum sitting on the bed talking together. Finn and bubblegum used to date maybe there getting back together. All of a sudden I flinch. I don't want them to be together.

" alright here it goes," Marshall smile.

Whenever I'm down,  I call on you my friend
A helping hand you lend, in my time of need
So, I'm calling you now, just to make it good
What else can I do, for you hear my plea
Friends may come and friends may go
But you should know, that I've got your back
                      It automatic
So never hesitate to call, cause I'm your friend
                 And always for you
                         In love.

(I made the song short hehe sos if you liked it and the third last sentence I changed the word "friend" cause wit said sister hehe and anyways if you want to know where I got it from its from um best friend brady and if you can't find it then um search friendship song lyrics hehe ok enjoy the book/chapter)


My heart was beating so fast as Marshall sang that song. I can't believe it, that song was amazing, I can't stop smiling heheh. " the song was great Marshall, anyways want me to show you the new town everything as gotten updated while you were gone," I smile. He nods and we leave through the front door towards the new town.

This morning, I tell everybody that Marshall is now allowed on the land of ooo and everybody cheers, apparently. Marshall appears right next to me and grabs my waist. Kissing me. " and where getting married guys," Marshall shouts out as the crowd cheers .louder and louder for our as they heard that.


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